Types of Dispenser Paper Napkins

Types of Dispenser Napkins

Nearly all establishments, from restaurants to rest stops, need to dispense napkins for some purpose. Whether you’re starting a new business and just starting to buy supplies, or need more napkins to refill, this guide will help you decipher the meaning behind each folded name!

Disposable Napkin Applications and Functions

When you keep napkins at your food service establishment, customers can easily self-purchase the items they need to enjoy their meal without the clutter. Restaurant napkins absorb liquids and oils, keeping your guests comfortable and clean while dining.

They also come in 1-layer and 2-layer varieties for handling small messes or large spills, and come in 7 different fold styles, making them compatible with a wide variety of napkin dispensers. You can even choose bright white or natural brown napkins to best match the color of the dispenser.

dispenser napkins

Types of Dispenser Napkin Folds

Available in seven different folded styles, disposable napkins are designed to meet the versatile needs of any dining establishment or food service establishment. While some folded styles offer higher absorbency to handle larger messes like liquid spills and oily transfers, others will help free up countertop space or reduce replacement costs.

Types of Paper Napkin Folds
Low-Fold Dispenser Napkin

Low-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Ideal for cautious customers
  • Low-hanging portion is easy to grab
  • Perfect for use on tables in your old-fashioned diner or restaurant
Side-Fold Dispenser Napkin

Side-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Features a wider shape as well
  • Classic style is suited for any application
  • Commonly used in napkin dispensers for lunchroom tables or restaurant booths
Full-Fold Dispenser Napkin

Full-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Offers high-quality absorbency
  • Provides a wider surface area
  • Great for use near your snack bar’s condiment center
Interfold Dispenser Napkin

Interfold Dispenser Napkin

  • Designed for one-at-a-time dispensing
  • Folded like an accordion
  • Cuts down on waste and helps to save on restocking costs
Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin

Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Commonly found in pizza shops
  • Folded to maximize countertop space
  • Great for venues that require fast access to highly absorbent napkins
Mini-Fold Dispenser Napkin

Mini-Fold Dispenser Napkin

  • Great for on-the-go treats at coffee shops
  • Offers a more compact size
  • Allows patrons to hold a pastry and then clean up afterwards

Roll Dispenser Napkin

  • Come in a single grouping
  • Allows your customers to quickly tear and go while preventing costly waste
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas like amusement parks or convention centers
Roll Dispenser Napkin

Restaurant dispenser napkin layer

The thickness of a napkin is its thickness, which affects absorbency and durability. Debris comes in many shapes and sizes, so napkins for tidying up are perfect too! Consider the application your napkins will be used for to determine which layer is best for your business. For a high-end alternative to dispensing napkins, consider linen napkins.

1 layer paper napkin

1 layer paper napkin

Economical choice
Lightweight for on-the-go applications
Ideal for active use and hygiene
Rather than wasting plates at your gourmet cupcake shop or bakery, ask guests to grab a single layer napkin and rest your dessert on it. When dining at your fast food restaurant, your guests may use one of these single-layer napkins to maintain hygiene and prevent food from directly touching your tray or table top.

2 ply paper napkins

2 layer paper napkins

More durable than single layer napkins
extra water absorption
For larger spills and serious messes
When your customers get a mess after eating your award-winning chops, they’ll want to grab a napkin that won’t tear, and the 2-tier option does just that! Also, your customers may spill their drinks at some point, and you can prevent their embarrassment and save the day in the event of an accident by providing reliable napkins.

Dispenser napkin color

Disposable napkins are available in bright white or natural kraft brown. By choosing a color that complements your napkin dispenser style, you can add beauty to the interior of your establishment.

White Disposable Napkins

  • Traditional color
  • Bleached for a crisp, clean look

White napkins look fresh and hygienic and are perfect for traditional diners, amusement parks and fast food restaurants. The clean color also helps you identify soiled napkins in the tabletop dispenser, ensuring every new guest has the best dining experience.

White Disposable Napkins

Kraft Brown Disposable Napkins

  • Natural color
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Bleach and chemical free

Kraft Brown Napkins are bleach-free and made from recycled materials, making them a great choice for dining establishments that specialize in farm-to-table dining. They also work perfectly with any rustic or casual decor. Plus, your eco-conscious customers will love the earthy look that no chemical treatment produces.

Kraft Brown Disposable Napkins