Tissue Paper Napkins for Advertising Industries

Custom printed napkins offer advertisers an affordable and effective canvas for new marketing campaigns.

Napkins are disposable, portable, and infinitely customizable. Like traditional print media, napkins penetrate the customer’s world, independent of screen and technology. Digital advertising is everywhere; even the best advertisers are drowning in the hustle and bustle. Small details, like custom printed napkins at street fairs, can break the noise and let your message be heard.

Napkins can be used as coupons, advertisements or small portable bulletin boards. They are art projects, talking points and checklists. Businesses large and small alike use promotional napkins at trade shows, food tastings, corporate events, organized sporting events, and more. Custom printed napkins can be used as practical flyers, a necessary staple and added advertising benefit.

Custom Printed Advertising Tissue Napkins

Browse our full line of commercial quality advertising napkins. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, our advertising napkins are the perfect way to dine formal and perfect for hotels, restaurants and other business environments that require luxury and sophistication.

We provide advertising napkins customized logo printing service. We can print 1 or 2 color logo on the advertising tissue napkins. The water ink that we used has passed European Food contact grade test.

Contact us for your customized advertising tissue napkins

If you need custom personalized advertising paper napkins to organize your event, contact us and see what we can do for you! We will do more than just take your order. We are proud to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, we will answer. If you need advice, we will provide it.

Your favorite custom advertising tissue napkin option is waiting for you somewhere in our extensive catalog, and we’ll do our best to help you find it! Once you’ve picked your product, all you need to do is send us your creation and we’ll take over from there. If you want a new design, you can consult our in-house graphic design team. We look forward to working with you!