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Our paper tissue napkins are widly used in various of industries, like Napkins for Foodservice Industries, Napkins for Hospitality Industries, Napkins for Advertising Industries, Napkins for Leisure Industries, Napkins for Non-Profit Industries, etc.

Paper Tissue Napkin for Foodservice

Foodservice napkins are single-use items that promote hygiene during meals. Napkins, beverages and dispensing napkins are available in several design variations. Single-layer lunch and dinner napkins are economical and easy. Two-ply napkins are available in a variety of colors and are more absorbent. Smaller square cocktail napkins are ideal for drinks. Dispenser napkins are available in different folded designs for use with specific dispensers.

Restaurants napkins
Paper Tissue Napkin for Restaurants
Paper Tissue Napkin for Bars
Paper Tissue Napkin for Bars
Catering Companies
Paper Tissue Napkin for Catering Companies
Paper Tissue Napkin for Wineries

Paper Tissue Napkin for Leisure

Besides being used in bars or restaurants, leisure industry brands are also a form of entertainment. Golf clubs can promote trivia, statistics or history. Yacht clubs can print their name, the longitude and latitude of the club, or advertise future races, events and parties. Cruise lines, airlines and luxury vehicles will showcase special travel deals or advertise luxury destinations. Stadiums will order napkins with the home team’s logo to boost fan loyalty.

Paper Tissue Napkin for Airlines
Stadiums and Arenas
Paper Tissue Napkin for Stadiums and Arenas
Yacht Clubs
Paper Tissue Napkin for Yacht Clubs
Paper Tissue Napkin for Cruiselines

Paper Tissue Napkin for Hospitality

Napkins are a common necessity, but often not given due consideration. Many people will settle for making poor quality napkins because they are cheap and work well. However, for hospitality businesses that want to stand out, they need a brand that can do just that.

Paper Tissue Napkin for Hotels
Paper Tissue Napkin for Resorts

Paper Tissue Napkin for Advertising

Napkins for Advertising Industries

Advertising printing napkins – your business card in the food sector

  • No print medium is as close to consumers as napkins.
  • Your design, your logo or the slogan on your napkin will attract the most attention and increase the success of your company.
  • Our customers are professionals and specialist distributors in the gastronomy, health and industrial sectors.
  • Boost your image. In addition to your restaurant or store’s existing corporate designs, use napkins at promotions, corporate events or trade shows to get more attention.
  • Napkin printing options range from subtle logos to larger advertisements.

Paper Tissue Napkin for Non-Profits

Nonprofits utilize custom printed napkins for marketing, publicity and publicity, and thank sponsors at events. Custom napkins for nonprofits can include the event date, time and location, a description of the reason and related statistics, a call to action, including a website or donation page, or a QR code scanned directly into the organizer’s website. Similar to a flyer or bulletin board, custom napkins provide a unique canvas for the organizer’s message.

Nonprofit Companies
Paper Tissue Napkin for Nonprofit Companies
Paper Tissue Napkin for Education

Custom Printed Paper Tissue Napkin with Your Company Logo

Designing branded napkins with logos for corporate events, sponsorships and more is easy. We have a variety of styles, sizes and colors to make your custom napkins a hit! Order samples or bulk order napkins and enjoy our low wholesale prices!

Contact us for your customized tissue napkins

If you need custom personalized paper napkins to organize your event, contact us and see what we can do for you! We will do more than just take your order. We are proud to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, we will answer. If you need advice, we will provide it.

Your favorite custom disposable tissue napkin option is waiting for you somewhere in our extensive catalog, and we’ll do our best to help you find it! Once you’ve picked your product, all you need to do is send us your creation and we’ll take over from there. If you want a new design, you can consult our in-house graphic design team. We look forward to working with you!