Printed Pocket Facial Tissue Packs

We produce promotional advertising tissue packs with your corporate logo, customization and decoration. Your personalised pocket tissue can be used as a corporate gift, marketing promotion or printed with promotional information and available at special wholesale prices. At Sado Tissue, we offer custom printed promotional pocket tissues at your request.

Are you not sure which mode or motivation to choose? Is it just a logo or does it contain pictures and text? Use our long-standing designer capabilities for your own ad creatives. Our design department is always ready to arrange drafts for you.

Our standard lead time is 4 weeks after the artwork is approved, but sometimes we can work wonders at speeding things up.

Saodo Tissues as the best pocket tissue pack manufacturer from China, we only manufacturing premium quality pocket tissue paper, 100% biodegradable & compostable, napkin material passed European food contact grade test (SGS test report), we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation! See all options for luxury pocket tissue pack printed below.

Standard Size Pocket Tissue Packs

Promotional pocket facial tissue

Custom printed, personalised, printed pocket tissue for promotions and advertisements. We sell printed promotional advertising tissue packs with your marketing company logo, customized and decorated. Your personalised pocket tissue can be used as a corporate gift, marketing promotion or printed with promotional information and available at special wholesale prices. At Sado Tissue, we offer custom printed promotional pocket tissues at your request. Our imprinted pocket tissues are personalized and allow your pocket tissues to promote your advertising and marketing plans. A custom printed pocket tissue bag with your own design. Promotional bags of tissue paper with your logo printed on foil or cardboard. A custom paper handkerchief personalised with your logo.


Promotional Pocket tissue printed on foil

Printed with your logo in full color

Premium quality pocket tissue pack. 10 white, 4 ply, 60 g/m², plain soft paper handkerchiefs. New cellulose in resealable packaging. Unprinted tissue. Package size app. 105 x 54 x 24 mm. Organize size applications. 200×200 mm.
Delivery time application. 4-5 weeks after artwork approval.
We can print more designs at once, so the price for the total quantity will be valid.


Various closure sticker options for classic promo pocket tissues, Pack of 6 (3×2) or 10 (5×2) shrink with clear foil. 40 x 6 or 24 x 10 foil per case. So 240 pieces per box. 35 boxes per pallet.

Examples of promotional pocket tissue printed on foil

Promotional Pocket Tissues Twin Pack

Pocket tissue pack with large advertising space

2 x 5 white, soft, 3-ply paper handkerchiefs, made from 100% new, pure, high-quality cellulose.
Personalize with full-color printing on matte or glossy foils. Inside and outside the bag!

Package size app. 11,5×7,5×2,5 cm (folded)
Organize size applications. 20 x 20 cm.


Examples of promotional twin pack pocket tissues


Pocket Tissues in printed flowpack

Flow bag with 5 handkerchiefs

Promotional pocket tissue packs in glossy white or clear foil or white or brown kraft paper
5 white soft 3 ply handkerchiefs made from 100% new, pure, high quality cellulose.

Packed in white or clear foil or white or brown kraft paper

Package size app. 13 x 5,5 x 1 cm.
Tiisue-sized applications. 20 x 20 cm.

Examples of promotional Pocket Tissues in printed flowpack

Promotional pocket tissues in cardboard box

10 white soft paper handkerchiefs in a resealable package. High quality carton containing 10 pieces. 3-ply soft tissue paper made from pure cellulose. Unprinted tissue. Box dimensions 125 x 60 x 25 mm.

Delivery time 3-4 weeks after artwork approval


Custom printed pocket tissues printed on tissue

Your prints are printed directly on each paper handkerchief

Our standard 10-pack tissue packs can be fully personalised, turning ordinary handkerchiefs into useful original promotional tools. We can print the handkerchief itself into a full color design.

Each pack contains 10 tissues and has a practical seal that allows you to easily open and close the pack. Size: Applied. 110 x 25 x 55 mm. The 4-ply tissue paper is made of pure white cellulose and can be printed in up to 8 colors. Standard packaging of 6 or 10 units.

Examples of promotional custom printed pocket tissues printed on tissue

Your reliable & trustable pocket tissue manufacturer & factory in China

We are professional facial pocket tissue manufacturer, which is established in 2005 and focus on export business to USA , Euope, Canada and Australia.

We specialized in producing various kinds of pocket facial tissues, all the tissues material is 100% biodegradable & compostable, We supply different kinds of materials, like virgin pulp, recycled pulp, bamboo pulp (Tree free), strong & high water absorption, Chlorine free and reach European food contact grade standard. Food contact grade napkin material of European standard (SGS, ITS test report).

Custom Printed Facial Pocket Tissue Packs with Your Company Logo for Promotional Events

Pocket-sized and lightweight, these custom-printed promotional pocket tissues are a creative low-cost giveaway at product launches and trade shows any time of year.

It is always convenient to carry a custom pocket tissue bag with us wherever we are. It may happen that you need to use some tissues to fix the problem. However, due to its fragile structure, promotional tissue by its nature does not spread well. It’s also impractical to carry a box with you if it’s not practical, and when a person needs a tissue, he doesn’t always grab a tissue near the vehicle. This is where your company can come to the rescue and increase your marketing exposure. We offer small pocket tissue packs with custom branding that fit easily into any pocket or purse and hold tissue when necessary.

Pocket-sized and lightweight, this handy promotional item can be easily distributed to your target market – as direct mail, trade show giveaways, sales and service calls, and as a reception area amenity. These handy promotional tissues can be inserted into a digitally printed card insert that may contain important company contact information, recent sales or service announcements, discount coupons and coupons for maximum exposure.

Contact us for your customized facial pocket tissue paper

If you need custom personalized pocket size tissue to organize your event, contact us and see what we can do for you! We will do more than just take your order. We are proud to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, we will answer. If you need advice, we will provide it.

Your favorite custom pocket facial tissue option is waiting for you somewhere in our extensive catalog, and we’ll do our best to help you find it! Once you’ve picked your product, all you need to do is send us your creation and we’ll take over from there. If you want a new design, you can consult our in-house graphic design team. We look forward to working with you!