Printed Paper Hand Towels

Disposable guest tissues are usually placed in the bathroom or hall restroom for guests to dry their hands. Many people also use guest towels on the dining table because of their rectangular shape. Two to three paper guest towels are recommended for each guest.

Order personalized tissues with custom company logos. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. Get your guest towels custom printed with a design or monogram of your choice and print up to 3 lines in your choice of letter style and imprint color.

Saodo Tissues as the best paper hand towel manufacturer from China, we only manufacturing premium quality guest paper hand towel, 100% biodegradable & compostable, printing ink passed European food contact grade test (SGS test report), and tissue material passed European food contact grade test (SGS test report), we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation! See all options for luxury disposable paper hand towel printed below.

Folded Paper Hand Towel

Single fold paper hand towel

Least common folded towel Fold once Low cost Only available with single fold dispenser Pulling and tearing is common – small pull tab on hand, towel still in dispenser

Multifold paper Hand Towel

The most common folded towel in most parts of the country. Folded in a zigzag pattern. Often used in high-traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, factories. Fits most general purpose dispensers. Cannot be loaded upside down. Multiple dispenses are unlikely, but tear will waste and fall. fall

C-fold paper hand towel

Folded into a “C” shape and stacked is typically used in low-traffic areas and in better environments such as restaurants. Most general purpose dispensers can be loaded upside down and then difficult to remove from the dispenser. Waste from multiple dispenses very common

Paper Hand Towel Rolls

Whenever you need to wipe, dry, clean or polish, we’ve got it covered. Our range of dispensers, refills and services are designed to meet the specific needs of restrooms, industrial environments, kitchens and dining areas.

Soft, strong, and highly absorbent, Sadotissues Universal Paper Roll Towelettes are the perfect combination of quality, performance and value. Embossing enhances feel and maximum absorbency, using less towels per hand dry. Roll-towel performance reduces sourcing and reduces packaging. Long-lasting rolls minimize maintenance costs while maximizing service. Towels are made from 100% recycled fiber and at least 50% post-consumer fiber, providing environmental benefits and a positive image builder.

Kitchen Paper Towel Rolls

A must-have in any busy home, kitchen paper hand towel rolls are the paper of choice for wiping up accidental spills, standing up as a napkin, and helping you keep surfaces clean. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of kitchen paper hand towels here, from super-absorbent designs to everyday practical varieties. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our wonderful seasonal kitchen hand towels that appear at certain times of the year.

Kinds of paper hand towels

We offer tissues in a variety of styles and colors for every occasion. Not only do we have different colors and printing methods, but our disposable hand towels have several appearances that mimic different materials. E.g:

  • Made from 1 ply paper, our tweed hand towels have a tweed look that’s perfect for parties with a rustic feel.
  • Almost linen hand towels have a texture that adds a touch of upscale luxury. Great for weddings.
  • Burlap hand towels are soft to the touch and have the look of burlap and are sure to add style to your event.

If you’re planning an event on a tight budget, we have direct options that are inexpensive and yet your logo will still look great. Many of our custom tissues are made in China!

Add customized touch

Printed paper towels could be the missing element that pulled the whole event together. They take your table setting to the next level without breaking your budget! Plus, it’s a great way to spread brand awareness! If you’re sponsoring a conference or fundraiser, potential customers are more likely to remember your brand when you put your logo directly in their hands.

If you’re hosting a wedding or dinner event, custom disposable hand towels are a great way to add elegance to a party without having to clean up. Not to mention, they are useful! Your guests will be prepared for any messy food, drink condensation or spills that may occur. Where beverages and food are served, paper towels are required.

Custom promotional paper hand towel

For your next big event, make sure to showcase your brand in the best possible way with custom tissues. They’re an easy, affordable way to add a professional, clean look to your table setting and show your attention to detail. With the help of our graphic design department, you can create a design that will impress your clients and perfectly represent your brand.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or your next corporate event, making sure everything is ready for the big day can be stressful. That’s why you should get your printed products from a company you can trust that does a great job every time. For over 20 years, our business has been helping clients gather all the necessary items for their events, so we stand ready to help you with any request you may have.

Your reliable & trustable paper hand towel manufacturer & factory in China

We are professional  paper hand towel manufacturer, which is established in 2005 and focus on export business to USA , Euope, Canada and Australia.

We specialized in producing various kinds of guest paper towels, all the paper material is 100% biodegradable & compostable, We supply different kinds of materials, like virgin pulp, recycled pulp, bamboo pulp (Tree free), strong & high water absorption, Chlorine free and reach European food contact grade standard. Food contact grade napkin material of European standard (SGS, ITS test report).

Contact us for your customized facial box tissue paper

If you need custom personalized box size tissue to organize your event, contact us and see what we can do for you! We will do more than just take your order. We are proud to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, we will answer. If you need advice, we will provide it.

Your favorite custom pocket facial tissue option is waiting for you somewhere in our extensive catalog, and we’ll do our best to help you find it! Once you’ve picked your product, all you need to do is send us your creation and we’ll take over from there. If you want a new design, you can consult our in-house graphic design team. We look forward to working with you!